Presentation and communication skills are essential to delivering the right message at the right time.

Clear communication academy specializes in public speaking and media training for CEOs, Executives, Companies, Actors, Politicians, and other Public Figures.  We have served clients around the world, and our bilingual team has been requested to speak at workshops, gala’s, and functions around the world. Some of our current and past clients include Pepsi, Samsung, Chase, YPO, Hallmark, Toyota, Jameson, Mobileye, AMS, Pressed Juicery and others.

Our focus is clear, effective communication no matter the setting.

We have a unique, personal experience across all types of media outlets including the increasingly popular social media channels. Having appeared in Television, film, commercial spots, and news we know first-hand what it takes to be create compelling messages and images.

We help you build a story that resonates with your audience using rhetorical tools, powerful delivery techniques, and key messaging strategy. Through Preparation and Practice we help you to identify your weaknesses and strengthen your overall delivery.

We help you…

Create a compelling story
Structure presentations for maximum impact
Learn how to command a stage
Captivate your audience
Inspire your team to action

You have the power to influence with great communication

Some of our clients include:

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