CEO-Media/Public Speaking Instructor

Ann prepares CEOs, Actors, Executives, Marketing Professionals, and other Public Figures to enhance their on stage, on camera, and media presence. She has the brilliant ability to transform a simple speech into a great performance.

Her Masters in Psychology enables her work to be science/research based. While her extensive experience of appearing across various media including news, television, film, theatre, and social platforms gives her a unique perspective.

She has worked with politicians to overcome their fear of public speaking to become more dynamic speakers. Her work has enabled her to make appearances on NBC, ABC, FX network, Lifetime, LA Talk radio, and various web based programs.

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Media/On Camera Brand Image Specialist

Ratana has extensive experience in marketing/brand imaging for companies ranging from fortune 500 companies to small start-ups. She is a specialist in developing long-term goals and strategies for companies, CEOs, and executives.  She has an MBA with an emphasis on marketing and entrepreneurship.

Over 10 years’ experience developing brands and product portfolios in a variety of industries, in both the US and international markets. Ratana is known for working productively with clients, licensors, third-parties, cross-functional teams and agencies.

She is passionate about leading teams that are collaborative, driven, and results-oriented. As a coach Ratana specializes in helping her clients find their personal brand and tell stories that drive interest, connection and results. She is an engaging workshop facilitator, seasoned


Speaking/Voice Instructor

Don is a voice specialist and has worked with clients worldwide in training their speaking voice both in workshops and one on one settings.  He teaches one of our popular courses, “Preparing to Perform,” tips and tricks for making the most out of your public speaking engagements. He has communications training from Wayne State University and for years he was a public speaker for thousands of people at various Microsoft events across the US.

His vocal expertise has made him a go-to resource for Broadcast journalists, popular authors in the audio book arena, and business executives with upcoming radio and speaking engagements. His voice can be heard in books and company training materials, while his strong voiceover background helps him prepare clients for radio interviews.

Don also worked at a real recording studio run by an ex-Motown engineer. A major education into hearing the details of audio and vocal projection, and that foundation has been enhanced over the last 3 decades of teaching. His technical background gives him an edge to help clients work on the mechanics of public speaking.

His goal is to give clients valuable tools that they can adapt to any speaking situation.


Public Speaking Instructor

Professor Derek Tang teaches Public Speaking at California State University of Northridge. His primary focus is channeling enthusiasm and dynamic projection with a strong emphasis on rhetorical strategies. He is an exceptional trainer with a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. He has helped hundreds of students overcome their speech anxiety with various techniques to embrace their inner confidence.

He also provides training and development workshops for University Faculty members and Graduate students. His most recent seminar focused on presentation skills and audience adaptation for prospective Ph.D students.

He is an energetic teacher and a master at unlocking each student’s true potential. His creative lectures and activities help students become more accepting of spontaneity and improvisation which are key ingredients to becoming an excellent speaker.

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